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    Kevelair offers for over two years now to keep the company on its Facebook fan page and now more and more new fans, this page is dedicated exclusively to the new airline as a whole and covers the following topics: * Airlines: Monitoring of European airlines but also companies around the world, latest developments, purchases of equipment or social p
  • Charter an aircraft : OUR CHARTER ACTIVITIES
    Kevelair now produces a summary of its activities during the first 3 years of operation the company Nantes who works more than 75% with foreign clients and will soon celebrate its 4 years, stands as a first assessment of the various charters operated in the world: * 2009: rental of a line for 2 months for a Greek company (Airbus A320 with 180 se
  • Charter an aircraft : New website and office for the aircraft chartering Kevelair
    Kevelair , the french broker dedicated to aircraft chartering is launching a new version of its website with more informations about charters, aviation business and destinations . more informations on From the other side , to face its expansion, the company opened on the begining of september a new office in Germany ( Munich) t